The next morning I check out of the hotel and bicycle back to Ephasus so as to visit the ruins before continuing on to Torbali, a small town 31 kilometers to the north. Since my loaded bike is obviously not allowed in the central part of the ruins, I decide to first stay on the bike and explore the dirt paths leading into the heavy brush surrounding the central excavation site. The next hour is great--"off-roading" on a loaded 12 speed down narrow winding trails only to arrive at sudden clearings crowded with crumbling pillars and walls, all but forgotten back in the brush. Reading a guidebook I learn that though the central ruins were excavated in 1863-1874, the out-lying ruins were not discovered till the beginning of the 20th century. Then they were actually forgotten about and lost again till 1964 when they were rediscovered. From the looks of the area they're about to be forgotten again--a wonderful change from the crowded ruins of Greece. Eventually I lock up the bike at the admissions gate and enter the central grounds on foot. Being December there are few visitors and I spend a few quiet hours wandering among the ruins; it is early after- noon before I finally begin my ride to the next dot on the map.

The bike made it eay to explore the surrounding area, and I enjoyed finding "undiscovered" ruins in the brush, outside the main gates.
After exploring a bit on the bike, I checked my bike with security, and entered via the proper entrance.
Ephasus without tourists... Wow!
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