Notes regarding the gear pictures:

Items missing from the photos:
the spare tire
the bike's lock and chain
the single edge razor blade in a cardboard sleeve, that I'm using often
the metal pole ("dog stick") attached to the bicycle
Seven mini-locks: one for each of the pannier zippers, plus 3 more to attach the 4 panniers to the bike.

Clothing items didn't photograph well, so the following is a list:

  • slacks, one loose-fitting Gap type casual dress slacks;

  • one pajama bottoms with the Batman pattern;

  • shirts: one long-sleeved white clubbing shirt, one dark gray T-shirt, one long-sleeved navy blue polypropylene warmth shirt (so far not used);

  • jacket: one green baggy waterproof hooded LLBean jacket that seems very similar to a kayaker's spray jacket.

  • under bottoms: 3 pair;
  • socks: two short riding pair and two longer gray pair;
  • bicycling top: one lime green;
  • bicycling bottoms: one baggy-style plus one racing-style

      30 lb. of stuff!
Odds n' Ends. I had both a waist money-belt and a neck money-belt. The neck one became my favorite, so I kept my expired passport and some currency in the other one, with plans to offer it to anyone robbing me. Never used the travelers' checks, did use the ATM card - in every country. (That's a dust mask in the lower-left. Didn't need it.)
Clothing closeup. (Initially I was quite concerned about wearing the stretchy bike shorts in Muslim countries, but I got over it.)
Bicycle tools closeup. (The top row is the plastic protectors that come with a boxed bike. I saved them for the box back.)
Toiletries closeup. I traveled with a mini-deoderant, and had no trouble replacing it. On the other hand, I didn't risk traveling without enough high-grade sunscreen to make it through the trip. The little yellow things in the middle are plastic containers that hold ear plugs - very nice to have. Also nice to have: a mini-bar of soap, and those mini-packs of Kleenex, since TP doesn't always come with the room. (Only when I organized everything for the picture did I realize I had 5 chapsticks!)
Odds n' Ends: Diary (orange, center) was one way to use up time. Watch was valuable, as was a hard case for the bulky wrap-around sunglasses. That's the pepper-spray, and 11" long needle, in the center of the photo.
Odds n' Ends: Three energy bars were a treat. But not necessary, so I ate them before too long. Portable alarm clock (black, in center) was critical. Head-lamp flash light was not.
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